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“Pelleting is defined as the deposition of a layer of inert materials that may obscure the original shape and size of the seed. Therefore resulting in a substantial weight increase and improved plant-ability”

Irregular and small shaped seeds can be covered with a layer of inert materials (pelleting) to a more spherical shape of the seeds or to add weight. This contributes to a better sow ability of the seeds and more uniformity in seed size. At the same time you can add fertilizers and plant improvers, such as Mycorrhiza. The pellet ensures the fertilizers and plant improvers to stay close to the seed.

The different kind of pellets TeaL uses:

  • Sapphire coat pelleting binder regular
  • Sapphire coat pelleting binder soft
  • Sapphire coat pelleting binder super-soft
  • Sapphire coat pelleting binder ultra-soft

We also have a special water containing pill for cultivation in Dry Areas.

The binders used by Teal are free of intentionally added microplastics. The powders used for the pelleting are from natural components and 100% organic.

* TeaL uses solely the powders and binders of Ad Terram B.V.

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