• Complete coating technologies


TeaL is constantly working on new possibilities of seed treatment. Important factors in our innovations are:

  • Seedfriendly processes.
  • Reducing the use of energy.
  • Simplify processes.
  • Easy to use and to operate.

The most important is the condition of the seed. To keep the condition good (you can't cure seeds) you have to be careful with all the treatments of the seed. It's a delicate product to work with and that is what keeps us innovating.

In our machines for instance, we reduce the processing time, which saves time and energy costs. The TeaL machines in combination with the TeaL coating liquids will give a huge reduction of energy costs and time because there is no drying needed afterwards. This will also save the investment in a dryer. But the biggest benefit for the seed is there is less stress during the whole process.

In our opinion seed treatment has to be possible for each professional who cares about seed. The combination of easy-to-operate equipment and good training of operators and recipes makes it that seed professionals can treat inhouse. Our processes give a pleasant and safe working environment. Due to the features in the machine there will be hardly no dust in the vicinity of the coater.

The recipe in the machine calculates with the TSW how much coating is needed. This makes it possible to lower the amount of active ingredients (for the same effect) or get a higher performance of these actives. The waste of coating material is reduced to a minimum. All the coating components are manufactured from 100% organic elements and can be used in the organic farming industry.