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Breakthrough in organic treatment!

Coating products and bio-stimulants on SKAL input list for organic farming

Since the 10th of April, Ad Terram organic bio-stimulant agents are acknowledged under the SKAL list of bio organic product certification. They are now officially allowed to use their products in certified organic cultivation. An unprecedented step forward for the industry, says director Wim Meijles: "Finally organic growers have professional resources to grow sustainably with comparable yield and high product quality as regular producers."

Over a year ago Ad Terram from Andijk launched these products to be used in the regular cultivation. Wim Meijles "A full environmentally friendly and affordable alternative to chemical products is available. Now our coatings and bio-stimulants are allowed by Skal. Organic farmers can also benefit from the great advantages including more speed and better performance. "

For the earth’

Ad Terram 'for the earth' only works with organic materials from the strong belief that there is no future for chemicals in agriculture and horticulture. The results are clear. "Our products are of such high quality that they can compete successfully with the chemical bio-stimulants. They are now also available for organic farming, makes us exceedingly proud, "says Meijles.

Crossing the border

As far as Meijles this is not going to stop here. "Our goal is to get these resources also recognized in other countries for organic cultivation. In Germany, Switzerland, South Africa, Poland and America, we are already on the right track. The more environmentally friendly the cultivation, the better it is. "As the Dutch requirements for admission to the list of organic inputs of SKAL are very strict, Ad Terram expects that this breakthrough will have a positive impact on the assessment abroad.

Ad Terram – TeaL Agro Technologies

TeaL the joint venture between Ad Terram and Leba Metaalbewerking combines Ad Terrams coating products with state of the art filmcoatingmachines for the seed industry. This enables biological farmers to use an environmental friendly and accurate way with this organic crop treatment.