• Complete coating technologies

Encrusting equipment

The solution between filmcoating and pelleting.

When our seeds have to be heavier to sow properly, encrustment is the solution. Powders and liquids are added to the seeds to give the best results. TeaL Agro Technologies combines the knowledge of the equipment and the best seedcoating technologies to provide you the best solution.

The LF-series are developed to make a encrusting-process reliable and easy to operate. This fully automated system is designed for high precision, uniform and seed friendly film coating of seeds. Due to the high degree of automation the process times are short, the process results are not depending on the operator and is very sustainable. This accuracy and uniformity are achieved by gravimetric dosing of seed, powder and liquid by recipe control.

Our equipment is always delivered with:

  • A complete training of the operator(s)
  • 1 Year guarantee (by normal use)
  • Remote Access (for maintenance/ upgrades)
  • CE-marking of equipment
  • Including user manual

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