• Complete coating technologies

For the last few decades TeaL has developed and built treatment equipment for the seed industry. The name TeaL is relatively new but the experience they have goes back more than 60 years. In the development their key is to make highly efficient and intelligent equipment that is easy to operate. Get all the smart functions and features in the machine so it simplifies the operation. To deliver machinery that has a consistent quality you can count on.

How does TeaL come up with these smart solutions? By constantly innovating, allowing to be inspired by other industries and of course listening to the experience of loyal customers. Listening to the operators about their experience and what can smoothen the operation and also to listen to the company owners about their ROI and by listening to the Lean Black Belts on how to optimize the treatment process. TeaL works closely together with their customers to develop, make and find the best solutions.

When it comes to a concept design for a treatment line TeaLs specialist will visit the client first. After all has been discussed and when all ideas and requests are made TeaL will then be able to not just offer a standard solution but offer a solution that fits and by looking a few steps ahead TeaL can offer the best solution that will future-proof the clients business. Listening to and understanding the real needs is the key.

Have you ever thought about the seed friendliness of equipment? Mechanical stress in the seed, while it is being processed can affect the germinations. Bumpy surfaces in the process can damage the seed skin. TeaL has developed features in the equipment that are seed friendly. On top of it all the weighing system in the machine is highly secure. This meaning the coating materials will not be spilled or overdosed. The machine will calculate the coat dosage on the TSW. This will let the operator know if the coating conditions like RV and the surrounding temperature are optimal to continue the coating process. The recipes are PLC controlled so the output quality will be constant. TeaLs specialist will help train the operators in how to use the machine, how to write a recipe and how to take care and maintain the machine.

With support always close by and ready to help the continuity of your process is guaranteed. Let TeaL make your business Future-Proof.