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  • Isn’t TeaL quite new in the field? The company TeaL Agro Technologies was established in 2016 as a cooperation between Leba Metaalbewerking BV and Ad Terram Treatment Solutions BV. Both the companies have a long history in the seed industry. Leba designs & builds equipment already for more than 60 years and also the Ad Terram knowledge of seeds goes back for more than 30 years. A unique combination in the market with all the benefits for the customer.

  • How/ where can I provide TeaL products:
    • HQ (The Netherlands) can be contacted for all questions
    • Our worldwide parter companies are the following:
TeaL Agro Technologies BVEnkhuizen The Netherlands0031-228 323 553Head Quarters
TeaL GmbHBad Essen Germany0049-547 297 700 53Germany, Switzerland, Austria
TeaL LLCBourbonnais USA001-815 953 6207United States of America