• Complete coating technologies

The organic coating

* Teal uses solely the organic coatings of Ad Terram BV.

The natural components in the coating liquids of TEAL have a rheopectic behaviour, what may be described as time dependent dilatant behaviour.

The amount of free water in the solution is very low because the TEAL coating liquid isn’t diluted with water this in contrast to polymers. Therefore after coating a batch there is no drying process needed. The micelle of the coating is near to perfect if applied close to the saturation point. Even layer on layer coating is possible with beautiful results.

With the atomizer coater of TEAL Agro Technologies you can go above the saturation point and prevent getting into trouble with the van der Waals forces due to the rheopectic behaviour of the coat.

The TEAL coating liquid don’t have any negative effect on the germination. Customers have even experienced a positive effect on germination due to the perfect coverage of the coating.

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