• Complete coating technologies

Seed Treatment

Coating seeds is a very delicate process which needs the most delicate care. In order to establish a constant quality and moisture level of the coated seeds there are important circumstances which have to be noticed. The circumstances are directly influencing the end quality of the coated seeds.

Important factors:

  • The surrounding air temperature
  • Temperature of the to be coated seeds
  • Temperature of the coating
  • The relative air humidity
  • The dew point
  • Point of moisture impact

The TEAL coating machine monitors several factors and measures and calculates if the coating process can be affected by the environmental circumstances under which the coating is taking place real time!

When one of the parameters exceeds the required levels the coater will automatically inform the operator. The operator now has to choose to stop coating till the circumstances are better or to ignore the warning and continue the coating process.

The organic coating

The natural components in the coating liquids of TEAL have a rheopectic behaviour, what may be described as time dependent dilatant behaviour.

The amount of free water in the solution is very low because the TEAL coating liquid isn’t diluted with water this in contrast to polymers. Therefore after coating a batch there is no drying process needed. The micelle of the coating is near to perfect if applied close to the saturation point. Even layer on layer coating is possible with beautiful results.

A big advantage of our coating is the fact that it doesn't contain any nano or microplastics. Our organic coating contributes to a better environment.

With the atomizer coater of TEAL Agro Technologies you can go above the saturation point and prevent getting into trouble with the van der Waals forces due to the rheopectic behaviour of the coat.

The coating liquid used by TEAL don’t have any negative effect on the germination. Customers have even experienced a positive effect on germination due to the perfect coverage of the coating.

* TEAL uses solely the organic coatings of Ad Terram B.V.