• Complete coating technologies

The best for you and your environment

TeaL is constantly working on the possibilities of reducing the carbon footprint for their customers. In order to be a responsible entrepreneur we need to watch our carbon footprint.

In our Research & Development we always search for opportunities to increase our quality and at the same time reduce the footprint. In the machine for instance we reduce the energy consumption and by using the Ad Terram coating liquids we reduce the overall treatment time. Due to the fact that the seeds relative moisture content is increased by a very low percentage there is no need for drying in most cases which saves a lot of time, money and energy. Another positive aspect of our coating is the fact that we do not intentionally use nano- or microplastics.

The Equipment is easy to operate and gives a pleasant and safe working environment. Due to the features in the machine there is no dust in the vicinity of the coater. The process is controlled by a PLC which is operated through an easy touchscreen on the machine. Our equipment is always delivered with a complete training of the operator.

The coverage of the seeds after Coating makes it possible to lower the amount of active ingredients (for the same effect) or get a higher performance of these actives. This has to do with the optimal coverage in combination with the absence of water.

All the coating components are manufactured from 100% organic elements and can be used in the organic farming industry.