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TeaL Agro Technologies BV (Enkhuizen) and Agratechniek BV (Anna-Paulowna) sign exclusive partnership for process integrated drying systems in the automated encrustment and pelleting machines.

TeaL Agro Technologies is thrilled with this new partnership this will add the know-how of drying techniques to the company. Because of the increasing demand of automated pelleting machines there was a need for more expertise in the field of drying seeds and pellets. With this partnership TeaL teams up with “The Expert” in this field and is now able to service customers with fully automated systems. This will enable the users to have drying integrated in the automated pelleting process so therefore No Manual Labour is needed to dry the pellets after the pelleting process. “Agratechniek is well known in the seed industry and has a long experience in drying seeds, pellets, bulbs etc. Which makes Agratechniek the best partner for our needs” Jan Tamboer (Managing Director TeaL Agro Technologies) explained.

“We are very pleased with this partnership which gives us an exciting possibility to join with TeaL what we consider to be the most innovative company in her field,” Jan Appelman tells. “Agratechniek doesn’t change her present way of operation but still delivers high quality dryers to the industry. The partnership with Teal is based on integrated systems which means we are part of the engineering of the total set up and we can use our long experience to make these machines the best in the world.”

TeaL Agro Technologies has a high standard regarding the environment because they don’t use chemicals and their products are all microplastic free! TeaL’s unique concept of the combination of equipment and coatings gives the users a high reduction of their carbon footprint in relation to the standard available systems.