• Complete coating technologies

Most of the Seed companies are familiar with filmcoating and other treatments of seed. But some of these companies think that in-house treatment is for the bigger companies that have the knowledge, well trained operators and skilled technical staff. In-house treatment isn’t that complex as might be thought. In-house treatment won’t make any concessions regarding the quality of the end product. In-house treatment makes that you are flexible and always ready to coat the seeds. You don’t have to arrange the transport, no extra paperwork has to be done and your seeds stay at your own facility. When you get familiar with the coating process, you will gain more and more experience and you will always be in the lead when it gets to the quality of your end product: the perfect coated seeds.

That is what TeaL stands for! Make filmcoating available for the whole seed market. Not only for the Champions League of the seed industry but also for the smaller companies that deliver high quality seeds. The TeaL combination of equipment and coating materials have it all to create your high quality coated seed lot. Because TeaL developed the coat and the equipment together, you get the best result. Equipment as well as coating liquids can be bought worldwide but did you ever think about the fact that when the results aren’t as you wish they should be, you will be sent from pillar to post. When it’s bought from one shop, you know on which door to knock when you need help.

That is why TeaL was founded in 2016. Decades of knowledge in seed technology and engineering and building of high end seed equipment were bundled in TeaL. Not to be just another new name in the industry but to be the next generation supplier which helps the seed industry get future proof. The new economy asks for flexibility, environmental friendly solutions and smart equipment. TeaL translates this in smart equipment that is easy to operate, recipes that are developed specific for each client. Microplastic free filmcoating without the need to dry afterwards. That all at your own facility, how lean can it be, with all the checks in the boxes of reduction of the carbon footprint.

Doesn’t this sound too good to be true? We don’t think so, why not? Ask our customers, the Champions league players of the seed industry. Let’s get in contact, globally we have local TeaL colleagues who will help you to join the Champions league. Or make an appointment at our Experience Centre to meet our team: www.teal-agrotech.com.