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Microplastics is now recognised as a serious problem for plant health as well as human health. We are becoming increasingly more aware of this thanks to recent studies which confirm the dark side of microplastics. Also there are studies which are of great concern for the agro industry unknown till recently. We see that the use of microplastic is damaging the seedlings and even creating toxic reactions in vegetable’s such as lettuce “Our findings indicated that the exposure to MP can inhibit growth, hinder photosynthesis, and interfere with the antioxidant defence system in lettuce” (Minling Gao, 2019)

In the media microplastics are presented as a result of plastic waste and abrasion of clothing, tyres and other every day to day products such as toothpaste and shampoo. But as studies show plants take up microplastics which leads to plant degradation of growth in the root system. Plants will grow less vigorously and there will be germination loss. Many seed coatings used in the industry are based on polymers which are in fact microplastics. Due to the size of the polymer it would be more accurate to call them Nano plastics, but the ECHA doesn’t make this segregation (yet). By putting these microplastics directly on the seeds the uptake into the plant is practically a guarantee. The digestion of microplastics is of great concern to human and animal health! Seeing the outcome of the recent studies it’s also a danger to your crop as the effects of these microplastics are giving unexpected negative result in many scientific studies.

A lot of companies promote that they (are going to) use Bio-plastics as an alternative for the conventional plastics. However this seems not to be a solution due to the fact that bio-plastics generate the same problems that conventional plastics give, this is shown in a study by (Limpia, 2019)

So why use them? TeaL Agro Technologies has a high standard seed coating, Pellet binders and powders and a range of biostimulants all free of intentionally added microplastics. These products are of outstanding quality, user friendly and will lower your energy bill this being due to the unique drying and application characteristics. You can start using our products now! and furthermore create a better environment for your seeds, crops and our planet.

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